Tesla Sentry System Fail




4 months ago


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@elonmusk today someone broke my Tesla Model 3 window. Luckily I wasn't there and didn't have anything valuable in the car. Also @Tesla in Vancouver were able to replace the window within a few hours and I'm really grateful for that. However, the security system failed me.

To update the car software you have to disable sentry, the security system for 20-25 minutes, but it now re-enables itself. It doesn't however re-enable the iPhone remote viewing and doesn't notify you if someone is messing with the car.

The sentry system captured everything that happened from the moment that person approached the car to the moment the window broke by itself. He used a torch and started heating up the glass for a minute, then walked away.

He walked around to make sure nobody was watching and then came back and heated the glass some more.

He then casually walked around and waited for 2-3 minutes.

After another minute the glass exploded by itself and the Tesla lights flashed from what I can see but no alarm went off. No notifications on the Tesla app.

The guy comes back with a suitcase and takes some blankets, a jacket and some toys my son had left in the back seat.

I know I shouldn't have left anything in the back seat. That's on me. Paying $770 for a window replacement when the alarm was switched on and never went off just because the doors were not opened or some other parameter, is a big fail. That's not on me.

I still love the car but It seems that the alarm triggers on certain conditions and people know how to get around it and that needs fixing. There were also 4 CCTV cameras next to where the car was parked but no alarm deterrence.

Having the ability to check on the car is nice but if you have an exploding window, sentry should be notifying you, not just recording. #tesla #sentry #fail