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Why Traders Fail

🧵 What makes traders fail isn't what they know, but rather what they don't know. There is no doubt that the financial markets are highly manipulated, but few people know how this occurs. Today, I'll give a piece of the puzzle:

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Shell Protocol Airdrop

🪂 Confirmed #Airdrop ft. @ShellProtocol 🪂 Shell Protocol is a DEX on #Arbitrum that facilitates low-slippage stablecoin swaps and more. The $SHELL airdrop will be airdropped to those with Shell Points. Here are the 4️⃣ steps you must follow to qualify:

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Books every aspiring trader must read

In the last 6 years, I've spent hundreds of hours voraciously reading trading books to improve my edge in the markets. I found most of them a waste of my time, often reverberating the same points. Here is a distilled list of books I recommend every aspiring trader to read:

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A powerful skill that changed my financial position forever

A powerful skill that changed my financial position forever. Trading. But, 90% of traders fail because they aren't equipped with the necessary information before they start their journey. Here are 5 things you should know before you start trading:

1. Trading is the hardest way to make easy money. __ If you think that you're going to go from flipping burgers to flipping $500 to $50,000 one week after taking a weekend trading course, reframe your expectations. Those who turnover $1000s per trade have substantial capital.

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NEX Market

Decentralised Perpetual Trading Platforms like $GMX & $GNS have had a lot of success since they're situated on popular chains like #Arbitrum, #Avalanche, and #Polygon respectively. However, there hasn't been much talk about Perps platforms on #Aurora & #Optimism.. 🧵

Disclaimer __ This thread is sponsored by @nex_market, I have been paid to test & review their platform. In return, I have promised to give honest feedback on my findings. I do not hold their native token $NIT at the time of writing. Please DYOR after reading this thread.

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🧵: Forest Financial

[🧵 + #GiveawayAlert] ft. @YIELDTREES 🎁 100 $USDC To Participate: 1️⃣: Follow @JiraiyaReal & @YIELDTREES 2️⃣: RT & ❤️ 3️⃣: Tag 2 friends! 72hrs __ Deforestation is a by-product of agricultural expansion, wood extraction and urbanization. 🧶

Research has shown that planting trees is one of the most important & effective ways to tackle global warming. Trees act as a carbon sink, absorbing CO2 emissions that are emitted as a by-product of human activities.

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GMX.io - Decentralised Perpetual Exchange

🧵: @GMX_IO - Decentralised Perpetual Exchange __ This dApp is built on top of #Arbitrum, a Layer 2 scaling solution. It has facilitated over 45 Billion Dollars of trading volume since its inception. Here's a short thread to familiarise yourself with this platform. 🧶

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Teh Golden One

[🧵 + #Giveaway] ft. @TehGoldenOne 🎁 $100 $USDC worth of $Gold1 __ To win: 1️⃣: Follow @JiraiyaReal & @TehGoldenOne 2️⃣: RT & ❤️ 3️⃣: Tag 2 frens Despite the overall market performing pretty poorly, there is a micro-cap gem that I identified early (thanks to @takegreenpill) 1/

2/ Before I begin, I must state that much of these assumptions are highly speculative - nothing has been confirmed by the people mentioned in this thread. However, tomorrow (June 20th) it should become much clearer as teh Golden DAO, dApp & website will be LIVE.

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🧵: How did I anticipate a $27,800 $BTC back in January

🧵: How did I anticipate a $27,800 $BTC back in January? Some things I will touch upon: ・Proof of the call ・What is a BMS? ・What is 'sell-side liquidity'? ・What price level is $ETH likely to trade into? #TA #BTC #ETH 🧶 https://twitter.com/JiraiyaReal/status/1483751438295736321?s=20&t=AfKteU6R5qfQdtfVEOZKAw

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🧵: What to do in a Bear Market

🧵: What to do in a Bear Market _ Twitter & Discords have been quieter lately. Fear kicks in as the market drives lower, and pessimism starts spreading like the plague. Newer investors that haven't experienced a Bear Market are confused - should I sell or should I buy the dip?

The Answer: It depends. Sounds cliche, right? Let me explain. __ If you're an emotional wreck right now, it probably means that you're over-invested. Better said, you're investing money that you can't afford to lose.

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