Idolatry existed in all sects of Hinduism around 3rd century BCE. However, Oldest Proof of Shaktism is 11000 years old. Shiva's Varaha's available proofs are 5000 years old. Vedic God Varuna, Indra are at least 3600 years old. #thread #Archaeology

Proof of Buddhism & Jainism 'non-violence' Hindu sect are 2300 years older Vaishnavism - a Dharma based Hindu belief also existed around the same period as per archaeological evidences.

Shaktism is the Oldest form of Hindu Worship. People worshipped Karai Mata or Kali Mata 11000 ybp as per evidences found in Baghor Shirin.

Proto of Varaha one of the 10 incarcerations of Vishnu existed 4500 years before. Several such copper objects are found thoroughly on gangetic plains and IVSC site.

1380 BCE Bogaz Koi inscription records treaty entered between #Hittite and a Mitanni King to which Vedic Gods Indra, Mitra, Ashvins & Varuna were witness. #Archaeology

Porus ("Purus") front line army carried a banner of "Herkales" while in war with Alexander. "Herkales" as greek called might have been referred to then famous dieties. Alexander, came to India's frontiers in 326 bce.

Earliest form of Krishna in manly form appears in Vrsnis on a rock painting at Tikla, Madhya Pradesh, 3rd - 2nd Century BCE (L) Balarama with Hala (C) Krishna with Wheel (R) Ekānaṃśā with royal parasol The Brahmi inscription reads dambukenakāritaṃ odanakita

Impressed by Vedic Principles, Heliodorus erected a Garuda-column of Vishnu now locally called "Khamb Baba" around 150 bce

Here in this Chandraketugarh terracotta dating 3rd-2nd century bce, you can see woman worshippers before three temples with flags.

There may have been changed in form of how Hindus see their God as. I am working on how our ancestors perceived Gods, so far i found that Hindu Gods are scientific developments with 'Time' as baseline of the entire hierarchy.