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How to Build Your Deal Team

THE DEAL WHEEL How to Build a 4-Person SMB Deal Team : 🧵

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20 things Business Brokers should 🚩NEVER🚩 do:

20 things Business Brokers should 🚩NEVER🚩 do: 1- Keep up listings after they've already sold as Buyer bait. 2- Fail to mark under contract listings as such. 3- Projections. 4- Set an asking price based on what the Seller wants for it with no defensible logic or support.

5- Set asking price that won't appraise and definitely won't meet minimum debt coverage ratio standards for SBA lending. 6- Go to market before they've reviewed P&L's and Tax Returns of Sellers and have them available for Buyers on the other side of an LOI.

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How to Discern if a Business is Over-Reliant on its Owner

Tips on how to figure out if the SMB you want to buy is over-reliant on the Selling Owner, one of the biggest risks in purchasing a business: 🧵

Buy something from the business if you can. See if you touch the owner at any point in the normal sales process. Now buy a 2nd time and ask for something custom or a policy exception or discount. See if employees can handle the curveball or if they run to the owner.

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2023 Business Ideas

30 Business Ideas for 2023: (🧵on observed trends and biz ideas to capitalize on them)

Trend: Working from Home 1) Niche remodeling that exclusively turns seldom-used dining rooms, spare bedrooms, and garage bays into dream home offices fully kitted out for remote work and video calls and content. (sound, lighting, etc.) Or just designs them.

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Whale Sharks are About to Buy All the Small Businesses

The Whale Shark has emerged and is taking over the SMB acquisitions world. A new breed of Business Buyer. A thread 🧵

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2023 Goals/Vision

Stuff I want to see happen in 2023: 🧵 (dropping this early December so I can get a running start)

Two big primary goals that I'll be focusing on relentlessly: - Lose weight and get under 200lbs (~39 to go as of this writing) - Big Increase in Brokerage Revenue (number is confidential, but it's a huge jump up)

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Probably a Good Deal Newsletter Explained

Over 2000 people have joined my "Probably a Good Deal" newsletter and I haven't properly explained it yet. Here's how it works and how it's evolving.🧵

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SMB Labor Arbitrage Strategy

SMB Labor Arbitrage strategy, and no I'm not talking about overseas VA's. Let's talk about it.🧵

One of the most important things to get right if you're executing a "Buy Then Build" strategy on a business, or scaling your existing business, is having a talent pipeline to keep having the people necessary to be able to deliver the promised result as you increase marketing.

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🧵 Thread

Top 5 qualities to look for in a spouse. And 4 things that seem important but don't really matter. 🧵

1) Self-Reliance. Have they successfully endured some time as a happy single? Are they capable of "adulting" without being totally dependent on parents or a boyfriend/girlfriend?

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Deal Size Differences: Main Street vs Middle Market

Differences in small business deals based on DEAL SIZE. Middle Market VS Main Street Thread 🧵 Extremely important if you want to buy or sell SMBs to know the different vocabularies, characters you'll meet, valuation methodologies, and deal structures at different levels.

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