A high-performance Ethereum layer-2 network with modular design, low fees & high security. Mantle is a product of #BitDAO, and is governed by the $BIT community

Developer Guides for Mantle Network and ERC-20 Token Bridging

A strong developer community is the lifeblood of any network ❇️ 📝 Check out our dev guides: ■ Easy Mantle Testnet onboarding ■ Deploying via Remix ■ Deploying NFTs! ■ Censorship resistance ■ Configuring RainbowKit Read all: https://mantle.to/blog

At #Mantle, we are doing all we can to ensure that there is a vast pool of resources for every step in the development process. For tutorials on ERC-20 token bridging, viewing transactions, and more! https://mantlenetworkio.github.io/mantle-tutorial/

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Mantle is the first modular Ethereum L2 initiated by a DAO, making it an entirely community-governed and accelerated network. With the support of BitDAO's ecosystem, Mantle is: ☑️ Driving new ways of ecosystem building ☑️ Creating new use cases for $BIT https://twitter.com/BitDAO_Official/status/1633795920411394048

Someone's looking cozy 🛁 Credit: Shinobi 忍者#7975

💃💃💃 Happy #InternationalWomensDay! To celebrate it, let us know in the replies who your favorite women in blockchain/DLT/crypto/web3 are and give them a shoutout — CT personalities, devs, researchers, journalists, threadooors, shitposters and more!

Go big and grab Mantle SWAGs at #ETHDenver before you head home 🏠 Tell us which is your favorite SWAG by far — the woollen hat is a team-favorite as we weather the cold ❄️ https://twitter.com/0xMantleDevs/status/1631756810997882880?s=20

A high-performance Ethereum L2 solution initiated by @BitDAO_Official, #Mantle aims to act as the connective tissue that brings different parts of the ecosystem together, and drives growth and value across the network.

We're so stoked to meet the #Mantle community at @EthereumDenver! ⏰ We'll be here until 6pm, so swing by the booth (669) for a chat before we wrap up for #ETHDenver.

We're hearing all the buzz over our EcoFund proposal in the news today: 📰 https://www.coindesk.com/business/2023/02/27/bit-token-surges-to-weekly-high-following-200m-bitdao-ecosystem-fund-proposal ✍️ Share your thoughts on the proposal while it's hot off the press: https://bitdao.to/mantle-ecofund-proposal

#Mantle's EcoFund proposal, with a target size of $100M from BitDAO to catalyze a capital pool of $200M, is out on the #BitDAO Discourse forum. Have a say in how we can better support projects building on Mantle ➡️ https://bitdao.to/mantle-ecofund-proposal https://twitter.com/BitDAO_Official/status/1629772197177995267

🚨 Share your thoughts on #Mantle's newest discussion: Mantle zkEVM Research & Industry Collaboration ✔️ https://bitdao.to/zkevm-research-proposal As a community-governed L2 network, the $BIT community has a say in key decisions — participate via poll or leave a comment. https://twitter.com/BitDAO_Official/status/1629723778359128064