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1/ For this Alpha Always #6, I'm going to be kicking off the first of a few threads looking at tools that I use regularly in the NFT space, and which have become such an integral part of the way I interact with NFTs. The first tool I'm going to be looking at is "SuperSea".

2/ So what is SuperSea? Well to start, you might want to check its website, which you can find here: SuperSea is a Chrome add-on that promises to deliver "A Superior OpenSea Experience".

3/ I've been using SuperSea for a while, starting with a trial I obtained through (another tool I'll be looking at shortly). I found it so useful at the end of the trial that I ended up buying a lifetime membership shortly after, and haven't looked back!

4/ Yes, that's great optime - but what does it DO?! In summary: - Adds a number of OpenSea UI enhancements - Crawls metadata for rarities on reveal - NFT Listings Notifier / Sniper - Adds a QuickBuy button, allowing you to skip OpenSea's many windows.

5/ Let's look at each of these in just a little more detail. First off - OpenSea UI enhancements. How many times have you bought an NFT, only to sit there for 30 minutes wondering what it looks like whilst OpenSea takes it's sweet time to reveal?!

6/ NO LONGER! SuperSea adds a whole host of options alongside each NFT in your collection to help with this. I've included a screenshot below so that you can see just what these are:

7/ Most of these are self explanatory, but we'll go through them one-by-one for completeness. (1) Queue OpenSea Refresh - this allows you to queue a metadata refresh on OpenSea's servers from your collection page - super handy!

8/ (2) Replace Image from Source - This queries the metadata sitting behind the token, and automatically pulls the image through to your UI, bypassing the need to wait for OpenSea to update it on their servers. Super useful when you want to see your token before anyone else!

9/ (3) Mass-Queue OpenSea Refresh / Replace Image for Collection - This is exactly as it sounds. The buttons do the same thing as noted previously, but will apply the action for ALL of the items in a given collection. This is mad useful if you've minted like 10 NFTs at once.

10/ (4.1) View Raw Data - This one's one of my favourites. Clicking this button will take you straight to the page where your token's metadata is all stored, whether that's on someone's web server, IFPS, whatever. I've set out an example below

11/ (4.2) View Raw Data - This is super useful if images are taking a while to load, and you want to quickly see what traits your NFT has, or indeed, if you just want to find the image URL yourself and paste it into your browser. Knowledge is power, and all that. :)

12/ (5) Etherscan - View Contract - The last one is pretty self-explanatory. Clicking this button will take you straight to the token's contract on Etherscan. As we've looked at previously, from there you can check out contract functions, check holders, check pending TXs etc

13/ Hopefully as you're beginning to see, all of this is super useful in streamlining your OpenSea experience, and just makes it more pleasant to use the platform. The great thing is that it's all seamlessly integrated too, and the UI is top-notch.

14/ Talking about integration, the next feature - Rarity and Floor Price - is implemented so well you'd think it's part of OpenSea's default UI. Just look at the screenshot below. Every token is updated to include rarity data, where held, and the collection's floor price.

15/ Each token is given a colour, depending on its rarity as ranked by SuperSea, as follows: Unranked - Light Grey (-) Common - Dark Grey ( Bottom 50%) Uncommon - Green (Top 50%) Rare - Blue (Top 10%) Epic - Purple (Top 1%) Legendary - Orange (Top 0.1%)

16/ This makes it super easy to get an understanding as to a token's potential value in a collection at a glance, albeit obviously you always should supplement this with your own research, knowledge and judgement before making a buying decision!

17/ But the cool thing about these rarities is that they're viewable everywhere. Like, even when you're viewing a collection's activity for new listings, or sales, it's still all there. This really helps you to understand how much various ranks of an NFT are selling for.

17/ The floor price checker is also super useful. You can check the floor of your NFTs manually ooooor...yep, SuperSea also has a feature that will trawl through your NFTs and give you a estimate of your portfolio's value, based on floor prices. ⬇️

18/ Right, so all this rarity malarkey sounds really useful. But where does it all come from? Who makes this stuff? Well SuperSea creates its own rankings, by chugging through the metadata of all of the minted tokens for an NFT contract and looking at its traits etc.

19/ Admittedly, I don't know the exact methodology it uses, and even if I did, I probably wouldn't understand it. But in my experience, it's output is comparable to other rarity tools and so quite trustworthy for sniping purposes. *Though always do your own due diligence!*

20/ How do you get something ranked I hear you cry? Now this is one of the features I love most for SuperSea. There's no manual requests needed - you don't have to wait for someone to start the ranking for you. They have a Discord bot for that. It's self-service.

21/ SuperSea's Discord can be found here: Once you're there, you're going to want to click the "Ranking Requests" channel to get started.

22/ Once there, there's a couple of key commands you'll want to use: - /request - /queue-unrevealed Let's take these in turn.

23/ If you type /request and then press tab, it'll automatically ask you to enter a "OpenSea URL". This is quite simple - you just need to cut and paste the OpenSea URL for the collection you want to have ranked, press tab, press enter, and boom!

24/ Once you've done that, the bot will automatically start pulling metadata from the collection, and start ranking that in order to update the rankings shown on the tool. Using the command in the example above, you'll see this in Discord...

25/ There's a few arguments you can use to customise the request too, shown in the screenshot below. - You can set a start and end token ID - If already ranked, you can ask for a fresh ranking via "refetch-all" - Sometimes "slow-mode" works better with certain collections

26/ It's worth noting that - for collections with more than 20,000 tokens - you'll likely want to rank these in batches using the start-ID and end-ID functions.

27/ Great, so what about /queue-unrevealed? This is a new feature, which allows you to tell the bot to keep checking unrevealed contracts periodically until they reveal. If you know when this is going to happen, it saves you time having to request the ranking at reveal.

28/ You use this much like the /reveal command, pasting the OpenSea link alongside the command. There's also the same modifiers we saw before, but in addition "days" and "hours", which let you specify around about when the collection will reveal. Save the bot some trouble!

29/ Right, so we've been through the self-serve ranking. Quite honestly, in my opinion, one of the coolest features of the whole tool. Once ranked, you can refresh the relevant collection page on OpenSea and your rankings will be staring you in the face, ready for sniping.

30/ Sniping? How do? This is where it gets really fun. SuperSea has a "listings notifier" which will crawl through new listings on OpenSea - checking every 2s - to find listings at a certain price or rarity. Want to get the edge on the vast majority of users? This is how.

31/ A screenshot of the listing notifier options is set out below. To get here, you simply go to "Activity" for the relevant collection, then click the "Listing Notifiers" button that OpenSea helpfully adds (also shown below!).

32/ Let's go through the different options in turn. "Min / Max Price" is pretty self explanatory. Set here the minimum, and maximum, price you might wish to set for a listing. "Lowest Rarity" lets you set a minimum rarity (Uncommon, Rare, Legendary etc)

33/ The "Traits" screen will helpfully list all of the traits within the collection, and the number of NFTs with that trait. This alone lets you get an idea of what might be rare, and you can select specific traits that you wish to snipe. Example below, for @AnonymiceNFT

34/ Once you've got all this set up, you can choose whether or not you want to trigger a "QuickBuy" once SuperSea finds a matching listing. Sniping is a race, where time is of the essence. With this feature, your MetaMask will auto pop up and all you need do is accept the TX.

35/ It's worth noting that, in order to use the "QuickBuy" feature, you have to enable it from the SuperSea extension icon in Chrome, shown below. You would be wise to heed the warning given!

36/ So, great, once you've set up your notifiers, you can get started with sniping - you don't even have to keep that window open, but it's useful as it shows your "Matched Listings" all together. See an example below! In this example, the "Rare" might be a good snipe!

37/ A few points to note: - Even if you don't set auto-quickbuy, the Matched Listings have a "QuickBuy" icon you can manually click - You'll see you can turn on both (1) sound and (2) Chrome notifications, which will tell you when a relevant listing has been found. See 🔽:

38/ You will need to experiment with different settings, price ranges and specific trait selections in order to make the best profit. I would highly recommend keeping an eye on current sales to get an idea as to where you want to set your buy ranges at! :)

39/ The other point to note is that, if you're using the "Quick Buy" feature, the extension allows you to automatically set your gas settings ahead of time. See the screenshot below.

40/ Gas settings are a bit of an art, and I'd recommend checking out something like the Block Native Gas Estimator (here: to help you estimate what's needed for a quick transaction. For contested snipes, you'll want to whack the gas right up!

41/ It's worth noting that - for Founding Members (discussed below!) - there's also a helpful option that will set gas automatically so that your TX should get into the next block. I unfortunately don't have that ( / can't afford that!), but it's an incredible feature.

42/ So that's a whistle-stop tour of what SuperSea can do. As you can likely see, it's feature packed and one of the things I enjoy most about the tool is that the devs (@subliminoid and @bobendipity) are super reactive and happy to help.

43/ From my own experience, they're super quick to answer questions in the Discord, and I've seen a number of suggestions made my users come to life in successive versions of the extension. There's a nice community of people in the Discord who share their "wins" and tips. <3

44/ I cannot guarantee that there's nothing sinister in the extension that won't drain your wallet, or try to trick you with dodgy MetaMask transactions. But! I've been fine so far, and all of their code is free to review on GitHub, here:

45/ After all that, I probably should have made it clear what the cost is for this tremendous tool. You can buy an NFT granting lifetime access to the vast majority of features for 0.5 ETH. There's 316 left at the time of writing (see below)!

45/ You can also buy a subscription, if you want to try out the tool (or if the lifetime passes are gone by the time you're reading this!). That's currently 0.1 ETH per month, and you can essentially pay-as-you-go.

46/ Alternatively, the Founders Membership (link here: grants lifetime usage - just life the lifetime token - but with some extra features (such as the auto-gas populator, as we mentioned before). It's currently going on OpenSea for 4 ETH.

47/ So there's a number of entry points for everyone, depending on your expected usage. Full disclosure: I think this tool is great value for money and currently have a pass on each of my wallets (3 in total).

48/ That said, you can still use it across wallets with only a single membership. It uses cookies, I understand, to ensure your membership works, regardless of the wallet you currently have selected in MetaMask. You simply need to log in once on their website with MM.

48/ I've found that the tool has more than proved its value in the short time I've been using it, and I've pasted below a number of flips I've had whilst using it. Others have had much more profitable flips - maybe one day for me! 🤣

49/ All of this information is obviously offered to give you an insight into the tool and how it works. However, as always, I would press you to do your own research and make your own choices on this - you are responsible for any losses you might incur using the tool (if any)!

50/ Hopefully all of that has been useful. As my first "guide" to tools in the NFT space, I'd be really grateful for any feedback on what you liked, what was useful, and whether you'd like to hear anything else! I'll be doing more soon :) Thanks for stopping by!

51/ For anyone who finds it useful, you can read the unrolled version of this thread here:

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