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6 months ago


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There's a huge excitement around product management, and lots of resources are on the web. But it might be hard to learn the skills for a career in product, two reasons- 1. You can't learn product management from a single place 2. Most of the skills are developed from experience

Product management a mindset not a role and it takes time to develop product thinking and become user obsessed. My general advice to new grads seeking a career in product is to focus on one of your strong skills and leap into product with that.

You can't learn product management from a single place because it's a fusion of many skills and you need to learn to think from a lot of perspectives. Books are the best resources to understand different aspects of product management. Here are some of the books that I loved-

1. The Learn Startup by @ericries is a must read for anyone who want's to break into product/become an entrepreneur. The book talks about an iterative approach to build a product and evaluating the market.

2. Hooked by @nireyal is a book I enjoyed so much and the case studies helped me understand the psychology behind products and why some products are built the way they are.

3. Traction, even if a product solves a user pain-point the product might fail if it does not have enough users. Traction is a guide explaining how products/startups can achieve growth through different traction channels.

4. Working Backwards, a breakdown of the strategies, culture and leadership principles one of the most amazing companies to exist @amazon, not exactly a product book but this book will help you develop leadership and understand how organizations work.

5. Inspired by @cagan is all you need to understand products, teams, product discovery, roadmapping, developing product vision. You can learn a great deal of product management from this "single book"

Here are some of the other things you can do to break into product- a. Publish case studies if you love design/growth b. Launch an MVP for a problem you face/want to solve c. Start a blog or even tweet about product d. Join communities and develop meaningful connections

What about product management interviews? That's an entirely different story. PM interviews generally have questions from the following areas- 1. Product design 2. Estimation 3. Metrics 4. Strategy 5. Behavioural

Here's a list of product management interview questions prepared by @productschool an amazing community of aspiring and current product managers helping each other

Two of my other go to resources for interviews are two books 1. Cracking the PM interview 2. Decode and Conquer

The online course people out there should definitely check out 1. Get Hired as a PM 2. @IBM 's Design Thinking courses 3. Insurjo by @TheProductfolks 4. NextLeap PM Fellowship

Last but not the least BestPracticer has a curated list of content created be experts so that you can learn about product management. They have a collection of blogs on various PM skills check these out too