Playing card brand @bicyclecards have bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club #NFT for nearly $187,000. The brand will sell decks of playing cards based on the #BAYC Ape, and may create further decks in collaboration with Bored Ape owners.

#BicyclePlayingCards, the long-running brand now under parent company @Cartamundicards, announced Oct 18th that it purchased a #BoredApeNFT and that it plans to create and sell physical playing cards using the artwork.

The brand also aims to work with other #BAYC owners to potentially create additional #NFT-themed decks. “It's communities like the #BoredApeYachtClub that are shaping the future of the internet and the future of #Web3,” #Cartamundi Global VP, Masha Levseieva told @Decrypt.

As with many other #BoredApe-themed products, #Bicycle’s upcoming playing cards are not the result of an official licensing agreement with the #NFT brand or its creator, @YugaLabs.

Instead, holders of the #Ethereum #NFTs are automatically granted permissive rights to create derivative artwork and products and even sell them to the public.

Bicycle purchased #BoredApe1227 in June for just over 103 ETH, or nearly $187,000 at the time. Crypto payments firm @moonpay apparently facilitated the purchase, based on public #blockchain data, as it has for celebrities like Jimmy Fallon & Post Malone