WarKittens ( @0xWarKittens) is a fairly new project that I've been keeping an eye on. I have 10 of them. It's led by two well-known members of the @AnonymiceNFT community, and it could just turn into one of the most interesting on-chain games we've seen. A small🧵 , below (↓)

As a quick summary, there's 9500 kittens in total, built for war. ⭐ WL minters minted at 0.077 ETH (max 1 per WL, up to 2) on 20/04/2022. ⭐ The remainder were minted by way of a public sale at 0.088 ETH on 21/04/2022. Stats from NFT Nerds below, as at the time of posting.

So what makes these kittens special? In my eyes, a few things: (1) They're all on-chain. (2) The art is top-tier - even low rarities look like 1/1s. (3) The PvP mechanic allows you to steal traits from others. Let's consider these in turn...

⛓️ ON-CHAIN ⛓️ The art on these beauties is entirely on-chain. Why is that important? Because most NFTs simply link to an image hosted elsewhere, whether on a centralised server, or something like IPFS or Arweave. If that image is removed, you're not left with much.

With WarKittens, however, the art is built into your token. How does this work? Check it out for yourself: (1) Go to the contract on EtherScan (https://etherscan.io/address/0xc4771c27fb631ff6046845d06561bf20ef753dab#code) (2) Click "Read Contract" (3) Go to tokenURI (4) Put in a token ID (5) Click "Query"

You'll see a whole string of letters and numbers. This is the entire kitten's metadata encoded in base64. How do you read this? The easiest way is to just paste it directly into your browser's address bar, and it should convert this into your metadata.

If you then copy everything in quotation marks after "image:" and paste *that* directly into your browser's address bar, you'll then be presented with your little war-mongering kitten!

As all of this is built into the token directly, your WarKitten will be around as long as the ETH network is in existence. Permanence is important.

🎨 ART 🎨 Now ok, I get that taste in art is entirely subjective. But these are some of the nicest looking, fully on-chain, NFTs that I've seen. The colours are vibrant, the traits work well together, and some of the backgrounds are epic! Crucially, they're also cute AF.

Each of the pieces are rendered as 64 x 64 px pixel art. Across the whole collection, there's more than 360+ on-chain traits, making the whole collection incredibly diverse.

I was surprised upon reveal to learn that some of the WarKittens above (the red one?!) were not actually 1/1s. In fact, there are no 1/1s in WarKittens. And this is important because one of the key mechanics is the ability to STEAL any trait from another kitten...

⚔️ PVP MECHANICS ⚔️ Let's move onto that, since (as I see it), it's one of the most exciting features of the whole project. The UI for the battle mechanic can all be found here: https://warkittens.xyz/public#/

So the basic idea is that your kitten can either attack and defend. ⚔️ If it's in "attack", it can steal others' traits, but it can also have its own traits stolen. 🛡️ If it's in "defend", your traits are safe! But your NFT may become less "rare" as others seek new traits.

How does attacking work? (1) You choose a kitten to attack. (2) You target one of its traits. 📈↑ - If you target a rarer trait than yours (or one that's equal), you have a ~25% success rate. 📉↓ - If you target a more common trait than yours, you have a ~40% success rate.

If you're successful in your attack, you SWAP traits with the NFT that you're targeting. So you can dynamically affect the rarity of other people's NFTs (provided they're in attack mode).

There's a few different cooldowns to be aware of, after you attempt to steal a trait. ⌛ You cannot attempt another attach for 5 minutes. ⌛ You cannot go into Defence mode for 20 minutes.

I think this is going to get really fun. I suspect we'll see the "rarest" kitties subject to many, many battles as people try to steal their traits in pursuit of their "perfect" kitten. We're already seeing guilds forming with a pact not to attack each other.

There's no hard or fast rules as to how to play the game, so much of this will be left to the community, and it'll be fascinating to see how this all develops. Will we see groups seeking their "grail" kittens, working together to steal traits, and then combine them?

Will we see pacts formed, and traitors surfacing, as people race to create their perfect cocktail of traits? It could get messy, and I'm here for it. And again, this all takes place on-chain. There's even the possibility for the team to implement "spoils" to reward winners.

What's my strategy? I won't give too much away, but I've got 10 WarKittens in total, and 3 with traits that I *really, really* like. I'll probably be defending those 3 at the outset, and will use the remainder to get a bit of a feel for the warfront within the first few days!

I hope this has generally been useful as a little overview of the project, and some of its key features. If you're interested in checking out the collection, you can find it on OpenSea here: https://opensea.io/collection/warkittens

Disclaimer: Please note that the purpose of this thread is to go through why I am - personally - excited about this project, and none of this should be taken as investment advice! If you are tempted to get involved, please do make sure to do, and rely on, your own research.

See you all on the battlefield, WarKittens! ❤️