New technology brings massive opportunity. But 99% will miss the boat. Here's why you MUST finally learn web3 (in 2023):

Web3 is the future of the internet. You need to keep up, or you may become irrelevant. ✔️ [img @TokenInsight]

Digital ownership. You are a digital serf providing the content and attention that drive the internet. While the Big Tech platforms make trillions, you earn $0. Web3 gives you online property rights, making you a digital owner. ✔️ [img @a16zcrypto]

Privacy. You have no privacy online. Your identity and activity are entirely visible on the backend. With zero knowledge proofs, web3 creates privacy and safety for users. ✔️

Security. Centralized databases are regularly hacked leading to data breaches, identity theft, and more. These cost hundreds of billions, annually, and put you at risk. Web3's decentralized storage provides relatively un-hackable security. ✔️

Your identity. Currently, your identity is "owned" by some centralized organization (government, DMV, IRS) bank, mobile company, or digital platform. Web3 provides a way for you to own and control your digital and IRL identities. ✔️ [img @bit2me]

Your data. Data is 'secret' multi-trillion-dollar/ 100+ zettabyte economy. Web3 formalizes the data economy, allowing data to be transparently bought and sold, while maintaining privacy. ✔️ [img @oceanprotocol]

No middleman. We are familiar with the phrase "starving artist." It's time for creatives, artists, musicians and content creators to have the tools to build wealth. Web3 lets you reach your audience and sell your work without intermediaries taking a cut. ✔️

Unlock trapped capital. It takes 2 days to settle a credit card transaction. Web3 settles transactions instantly, freeing up capital and growing the economy. ✔️

Autonomy in business. Business has always required trust. Web3 allows individuals and businesses to have more autonomy by supporting trustless transactions. You can do safe and secure transactions with anyone, anywhere. ✔️

Automate transactions. The free market is hardly free, even sending someone money costs money. Web3 automates and executes complex transactions with smart contracts. Reduces the cost of business. ✔️

Financial access for the unbanked. Globally, more than 1.7 billion people have no access to financial products. Web3 brings DeFi - decentralized finance - allowing anyone with the internet to access loans and transact business. Transforms the poorest communities. ✔️

Decentralize AI. Let's face it, AI is just another form of Big Tech. It centralizes power. Web3 decentralizes power and can solve this huge AI problem. ✔️ More in this piece from @alive_eth:

Accurate news. These days it's hard to know fact from fiction, online. Web3 can be used to verify the legitimacy of news stories. ✔️ More from @washingtonpost:

Fight censorship. Freedom of expression is crucial for human rights, democracy, and progress. Web3 technology is censorship-resistant, enabling free expression and the sharing of information. ✔️ [img Ahdieh Ashrafi]

Equality and equity. Financial systems have historically oppressed marginalized communities and nations. Web3 provides innovative governance models and tokenomics. This helps them regain control of their finances and their future. ✔️ It's reflected in adoption rates 👇

Tokenization of real-world assets. In current markets, everything is siloed, with different platforms and intermediaries. In web3, any asset of value or income stream can be tokenized. This creates endless new opportunities for business and innovation. ✔️

Better structures for companies and organizations. Existing company structures can be problematic. DAOs are a web3 organizational structure that are owned and run by members. ✔️

Community-driven economies. Community is an afterthought in current economic structures. In web3, communities become the Fortune 500s of 2030: Designing products, owning businesses, and creating economies. ✔️

Innovation. Web3 companies are among the most innovative. They are building products that transform almost every aspect of how we live. It's an excellent time to learn web3 and join a team that is shaping the future. ✔️ Here's a list of top startups:

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