🧵/ What I'm reading this week #008. Every week, I scour the web to curate 10 pieces of content at the intersection of Web3, NFTs, macro, community & startup growth. Sorry for the delay this week! 😬

In this edition: • New Creator Playbook • Web3 Brands' Magic Quadrant • Web3 NFX • Remaking Public Goods • Learn 2 Earn • Community Downsizing • Music NFTs scarcity • Frameworks For Everything • The Currency of Community • Trouble in Cyberspace Let's. 🤝

The New Creator Playbook. Why Web3 inverts the online content creation model via initial token drop, scarcity, and win-win b/w creator and fans — lowering barriers to create, turning fans into investors, and creators into entrepreneurs. By @ljin18. https://every.to/means-of-creation/the-new-creator-playbook-jumpstarting-communities-through-tokens

Web3’s Magic Quadrant for Brands. Why brands that build belonging AND agency are unlocking new growth flywheels where ownership triggers access, and then more ownership, turning customers into brand agents. By DocTom. https://blog.cryptostars.is/web3s-magic-quadrant-for-brands-f8eba163a458

#Web3 Network Effects. 6 strategies to jumpstart network effects for your Web3 project by tapping into Web2 socials, engagement-based token rewards and governance rights, NFT signals, the spread of memes, and technical integrations. By SP Choudary. https://platforms.substack.com/p/web3-network-effects-leveraging-power

Remaking #PublicGoods. How Web3 tenets of access & community are expanding the concepts of "public", "good" — & even "free rider"! — generating more positive externalities, and bringing more positive-sum games. By @hxrts @tobyshorin @gIamgetswicked. https://otherinter.net/research/positive-sum-worlds/

Learn 2 Earn. A teardown of the top 2 Learn 2 Earn projects, and how they're building the foundations for traceable, verified credentials of Web3 knowledge and experience in the form of soul-bound #NFTs. By @DefiIgnas. https://twitter.com/DefiIgnas/status/1573211732394115072

#Community Downsizing. Why a high-friction onboarding that starts with effort/quests and ends with a reward/NFT — and not vice-versa — followed by cohort-based onboarding might lead to more effective community building. By @petergyang. https://creatoreconomy.so/p/from-6000-to-60-why-were-downsizing

Frameworks For Everything. 9 simple and clear, no-BS frameworks to be productive, write well, avoid burnout, build communities, sell companies, hire top talent, love life, and stay in touch with your network. By @gregisenberg. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/gisenberg_ive-collected-9-frameworks-i-use-everyday-activity-6975101010130182144-ZyXY/

Music #NFTs & Scarcity. How a combo of quantity- & time-based scarcity — for music or other phygital goods — can create continued opportunities to engage your fans, old and new, and create multiple price points for segments of them. By @BlackDave. https://blackdave.mirror.xyz/guBCcYQTsYk_30vjmI8xx2zwQlGbGxNM0Z3YdS95FAk

The Currency of #Community. Why scarcity & immutability, & hence non-fungibility (eg. of gems, tattoos, NFTs) cover a more complex role in the social norms of a community (eg. status, taste, aesthetics), beyond 'fungible' worth. By @divine_economy. https://davidphelps.substack.com/p/the-currency-of-community

Trouble in #Cyberspace. Why metaverse alter egos might still suffer prejudice and discrimination, triggering the discourse as to which behavior should be condemned/ignored, and which products could be designed to solve these issues. By @NicoleFroio. https://www.fwb.help/wip/cyberspace-idealism-metaverse-gendered-violence

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