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🧵/ What I'm reading this week #007. Every week, I scour the web to curate 10 pieces of content at the intersection of Web3, NFTs, macro, community & startup growth.

In this edition: • Web2 Social Traps • Web3 Social Media • Decentralized Identity • Tokens of Appreciation • Web3 Community Building • Three Circles Models in Community • Brand Communities • Proof of Skin • DAO Treasury Management • Product-Led Growth Let's. 🐰🎩

Status Traps in Social Networks. Why the current design of social media leads to status inequality & related unhealthy behaviors, and how we can mitigate these via universal basic status & status decay/reset/obscuration. By @sriramk via @a16z crypto. https://a16zcrypto.com/social-network-status-traps-web2-learnings/

#Web3 Social. Why Web3 social are composed of 3 layers — infra, middleware, & applications — and how they add value through data portability, but also open up new challenges esp. around identity. By @lingchenjaneliu. https://fundamentallabs.substack.com/p/web3-social-a-booming-space-with

Decentralized Identity. Why DID brings easier auth, higher data safety/portability, lower data mgmt costs, enhanced UX, and ultimately greater trust with gov institutions — and who's building in the DID space. By EA Awosika via @hashnode. https://web3.hashnode.com/what-is-decentralized-identity

Tokens of Appreciation. Why tokens of appreciation — eg. free NFTs — are effective, non-financial strategies to activate communities, build on-chain reputation, and create genuine, long-term relationships with their members. By @joey_debruin. https://www.flyingpenguins.io/p/tokens-of-appreciating-appreciation

Principles For Web3 Community Building. Why successful communities are fun, IRL, have ambitious shared goals that are not financial, surround themselves with strategic partners, and are token-gated (not token-enabled). By @CDTEliot @CoinviseCo. https://coinvise.substack.com/p/6-principles-for-building-a-successful

Three Circles in Community Building. Why unequal contribution to a community is natural and fluid over time, and why your community activation efforts should focus on defining roles and let people choose/change them over time. By @pforti. https://medium.com/together-institute/why-i-stopped-trying-to-engage-passive-community-members-the-3-circles-model-a5144ec8be5b

Why Consumers Want Brand Communities. Why Web3 marketing lies in engaging with your community at every level — influencers to spread the word, creatives to create, customers to review, etc. — and see how each can contribute. By @magdahana1@_jamico. https://talkinginfluence.com/2020/08/12/why-consumers-want-brand-communities-not-more-ads/

Proof of Skin. Why proof-of-X is turning work-to-earn into a Y-to-earn model —where X/Y = creation/create, skill/learn, attendance/attend, etc — creating equitable and relevant earning models based on one’s unique contributions. By DocTom. https://blog.cryptostars.is/web3-proof-of-skin-cbe207a3650d

#DAO Treasury Management. Why DAOs should plan their treasury management both on a short-term (eg. stables) and long-term basis (eg. tokens) and optimize for preservation, liquidity, & income. By @_jamico @meigga @EMinSF Ed Lynch @a16z Crypto. https://a16zcrypto.com/treasury-management-guide/?

Product-led growth 101. Why growth is made of PMF + distribution, and why distribution needs to be thought of as loops (not funnels), and build motions to support these loops (eg. product-led, marketing-led, sales-led). By @ElenaVerna. h

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