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2 months ago

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🧡/ What I'm reading this week #002. Every Sunday, I curate a selection of 10 pieces of content about #Web3, #macro, #startups, and #growth. And I bookmark them in a @notion database below. (hit ❀️ to read this later).

How To Build a New Country with The Network State Playbook. πŸ“œ An incredibly important conversation between @balajis and the @banklessDAO team.

Why Sanctions on Tornado Cash β€”Β and The Arrest of One of Their Developers β€”Β are Misplaced and Against Freedom of Speech. ⛔️ An important case by @donovanchoy on the @banklessDAO newsletter. https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/p/tornado-cash-sanctions-goerli-testnet

Why Visual Aid is So Important in Explaining Technical Concepts like Maximum Extractable Value (#MEV). πŸ‘Ύ Another massive visual feat by one of my fave technical writers out there @SalomonCrypto. https://twitter.com/SalomonCrypto/status/1540870370437107712

What #MEV Can Threaten @ethereum User By Encouraging Moral Hazard from Miners. πŸ‘Ή A technical (but also philosophical) conversation with @phildaian @gakonst @_charlienoyes and the @bankless crew.

How to Think about Go-To-Market Strategies & Tactics in Web2.0 & Web3.0. πŸ“Š An awesome initial investigation on Web3.0 GTM by @meigga from @a16z crypto. https://future.com/go-to-market-in-web3/

How Subscription #NFTs Can Rethink Retention, Lifecycle Marketing, and Lifetime Value. 🎟 A thoughtful series of use cases by @chriscantino. https://twitter.com/chriscantino/status/1557109060431794176

What Can We Learn from the Greatest #NFT Trade in History? πŸ–Ό An insightful and actionable playbook by @spencernoon from @variantfund. https://twitter.com/spencernoon/status/1558114616378621954

How to Design a Referral Program at a Strategic & Tactical Level. 🀝 A must-read by the one and only @andrewchen. https://andrewchen.com/how-to-design-a-referral-program/

How Brands like @nike and @adidas are Entering #NFTs, and Which Tactics They're Using. πŸͺ‚ A cool step-by-step analysis by @petergyang. https://creatoreconomy.so/p/nft-playbook-for-brands

Twenty-One Mini-Habits that Will Give You Compounding Growth & Gains. πŸ“ˆ A refreshing reminder of the power of small, consistent habits by @SystemSunday. https://twitter.com/SystemSunday/status/1558429311450898432

Here's the full swipe file β€” feel free to copy it to your @notion. https://www.notion.so/titta/a7df8af80eba45278edadca6d96c98e6?v=36307bd6c58d4ce699998a97516e8fde