The toughest week of my life yet




4 months ago


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Last week was one of the most intense of my life: • Lost my full-time job @beondeck • Almost ended the relationship with my partner • Burned 80% of my net worth in the $LUNA crash 🧶 /

After only 4 months in, I've been let go from @beondeck with 71 other colleagues as part of an organizational restructuring. This is part of the game I've signed up for, but I hadn't seen it coming.

Two days later — based on multiple misunderstandings, differences, and recent pressures — I've almost ended a 2 years relationship with my girlfriend. I thought it couldn't get worse than this.

But two more days later, as part of the @terra_money $UST $LUNA crash, I've wiped out about 80% of my net worth in ~2 days. A truly humbling experience — the icing on the cake.

After writing last week off, I realized this. It's not about how hard you fall, it's about how you get back up. This pivotal moment in my life requires a *non-reaction* — an in-depth reflection followed by thoughtful, proactive action.

The good news is that I'm physically healthy, with no debt, no commitments, and an incredibly supportive network of friends, family, and ex-colleagues. The even better news is that my partner and I are working out through our differences, and managed to stay together.

@beondeck has been very supportive in the transition, offering a separation package and mobilizing their network of companies to help the alumni land their next role.

The $LUNA crash has been humbling — made many stupid mistakes, but I loved every second of it, because I've also learned so much, made many friends, and opened lots of doors. It felt expensive, but even more so priceless.

Direct experience is the best teacher, and this time I've learned it the hard way. I couldn't have captured my learnings on the $LUNA capitulation better than @eeyernlee did. I'll meditate on this more and publish a dedicated thread soon.

Despite the unfortunate timing/intensity of these events, I feel lucky for having gone through these experiences at this stage of my life. Every crisis is an opportunity, and the resilience you can build when life comes at you this way is one of the best assets you can have.

So what now? In the short term, I'll focus on keeping my head straight: • Plan a 4 days fasting & keep a clean diet • Meditate 2x/day • Keep working out 3x/week • Cap screen time • Get out of the house & meet with your loved ones

I had randomly started reading this masterpiece, and I'll be taking some time to look inwards and really understand what I want to do next, also with the help of this timeless framework.

I remain incredibly bullish on #web3 and #crypto. I'll take some time to regroup, rethink my investment thesis/strategy, and rebuild my positions in cash, $BTC, and $ETH. After all, what best opportunity to do this than the beginning of a bear market. 🐻

I'm open to freelance/advise web2 & web3 early-stage startups on growth marketing strategy. If you ever need an experienced practitioner with a true passion for BUIDLing — or just want to chat through your challenges — I'd love to hear from you.

I'll leave you with a quote. Yesterday I've watched Jarry Maguire, and this one from his mentor stuck with me. Hope it helps lift some spirits. Stay safe out there. 🙂