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3 months ago


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#Web3 moves fast, even in a bear market. It's hard to stay in the know, cut through the noise, and know what to listen to. Here are my top web3 media outlets I consult every week, and why/how I use them. (Hit ❤️ to save this for later).

My strategy: • Topics: keep it macro & high-level (easier to grasp first principles, then deep-dive) • Format: focus on long-form (proxy of higher quality/thoughtfulness) • Sources: balance original & curated (to trim down biases & spot trends)

@coinbureau (newsletter, Youtube, Telegram) Why: • Robust/transparent research • Incredibly thought-through narratives • Yet super personable/accessible delivery! How: • Daily Telegram flash news • Weekly newsletter recap • 2-3 deep-dive videos per week

@RealVision (videos) Why: • Outstanding thought leaders as guests • Extremely thoughtful deep-dives • Data-rich reports by @Delphi_Digital • Interview transcripts How: • 1-2 deep-dive videos per week • ~1 report every 2 weeks

@TaschaLabs (articles) Why: • Economics lenses applied to web3 • First-principles analyses • Outspoken, direct, and no-BS delivery How: • ~1 newsletter article per week • ~1 threads per week

@a16 crypto (newsletter, articles) Why: • In-depth, technical frameworks • Incredible curation of long-form articles • First-principles analyses How: • Select/read 1-3 articles from newsletter

@packyM (articles) Why: • Very long-form/thoughtful pieces • Visionary & future-looking topics • Accessible tone & visually-rich content How: • 1 newsletter article per week

@jumperstweeting (newsletter) Why: • Marketing/brand lenses applied to web3 • Great curation of how brands engage in the space • Opinionated comments by founder @jeffkauffmanjr How: • 1 newsletter per week • Cross-check trends w/other newsletters

@alpha_pls (newsletter) Why: • Curation of top-five, web3 threads • Opinionated threads by the author How: • 1 newsletter per week • Spot trends w/other curated newsletters

@odyssey_dao (newsletter, events) Why: • Curation of top, web3 threads/tweets • Recurring community events/AMAs How: • 1 newsletter per week • Cross-check trends w/other newsletters

What other sources have I missed and should read? I'd love to hear from y'all how you keep up to date on #web3!