✨ Wallet history is notoriously hard to "explain" to users. At best, you get a bunch of swaps, but every other tx is a "contract interaction". I've spent the past week working on a solution (and recreating the iOS lockscreen on web to showcase it 🤪). https://wallet.m1guelpf.me

🔎 Today, your wallet's history is a big mess of numbers for anyone non-technical. Even if websites build UIs for submitting transactions, all context is lost once they leave the page, and they'll have to face Etherscan if they ever want to remember what that was again. 🤷

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure a perfect solution for this can never exist. 📚 The data available for transactions depends on what the smart contract developers decide to showcase, and even that can be difficult to retrieve in a reliable and fast way.

So, we can't magically guess what the code does (and its intention). But we do have a bunch of standards (ERC20s, NFTs) & common operations (swaps, mints), that can allow us to make some guesses. 💫

What I've been working on is an open-source library where anyone can define "modules" that explain transactions. 📦 We start with the Contract Interaction module, and from there can build more specific modules for Uniswap, OpenSea, AAVE, ENS, etc.

I'm planning to open-source everything in a few days, but for now I mostly want to make sure it works as expected. 🧑‍💻 You can help by visiting the website, connecting your wallet, and making sure everything looks good. If a transaction doesn't get interpreted correctly, lmk!

If you have any questions about the technical aspects, or have a great use-case for something like this, my DMs are open. 😁 Let's build a public repository of transaction knowledge, and make the Ethereum UX better! 🚀