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Is @COCKPUNCH a 4-hour rugpull or a game-changing NFT? 1/27 🧵

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$APE Staking Delays

$APE staking delays have cost holders $57,979,795. And we're about to lose another $17,921,570. It's not too late to stop it... but it'll be at our own risk 🫣 (1/27)

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Friday Beers

If you like SPORTS, PARTYING, and MEMES, LISTEN UP! The meme lords @Friday_Beers launched an exclusive new NFT community with a ton of valuable benefits. And it's JUST $80 to join. Here's what you need to know about the project: (1/15)

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Is @artgobblers the GREATEST NFT game theory experiment EVER? Here's how their innovative project works... and what you NEED to know to avoid getting REKT ☠️ 🧵

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The Reddit Metaverse

Reddit is secretly building a metaverse empire. NFT avatars are JUST the start. Here's their master plan and how you can capitalize 🧵

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Insights from 6529

Behold the mind of NFT philosopher @punk6529. I studied his 64 threads and distilled the insights from each below. (1/84) 🧵

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The Current State of NFT Lending

FACTS & FUD on the Current State of NFT Lending 🧵 Hints: (🦍,🦍) & 💣⚠️

This thread will overview: 1. How NFT lending works 2. NFT lending analytics 3. Possible outcomes 4. My perspective Let's first do a quick overview of how this all works and then dive into the fun stuff...

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Will @10KTFshop become a BILLION $ NFT EMPIRE? Here's a breakdown of 10KTF and it's *MINT IN 5 HOURS*... (1/31 🧵)

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A Simple Wallet Security Framework

Worried your jpegs were stolen in the Premint exploit? If so, your wallet setup could prob use a boost. Many wallet security guides are too complex or unpractical… Here’s a simple 3-wallet setup that may work for you:

First, the best way to prevent your valuable assets from being stolen is to… Avoid executing transactions with unknown contracts in a wallet that has valuable assets. It's that simple. This 3-wallet setup should be a lightweight and practical way to help you achieve that goal

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