DevOps needs to calm down




7 months ago


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Old: Ops does things by hand, takes forever, slows down companies. Idea: Ops can use code to automate things and work closer with Dev to speed things up! Dev will optimize for easier Ops too. Fked up now: DEVS MUST ALSO WRITE TERRAFORM AND LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT KUBERNETES!

Old: releases and deploys are a complex ritual, done by hand. Idea: let's automate deploys, and release together with Sales and Marketing by shipping to customers based on importance. Fked up now: GIT & GITOPS ONLY! RELEASE TO A RANDOM 10% OF CUSTOMERS EVERY MINUTE! DORA DONE!

Old: databases, networking, and servers are really hard to manage. Idea: offload all this to experts, use through a management API. On-demand, top-tier infra! Fked up now: THROW AWAY THE MATURE & VALIDATED FRAMEWORKS THAT DO EVERYTHING FOR US. REBUILD EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH!