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The Business That Can Spend The Most To Acquire A Customer... Wins

There's a Dan Kennedy-ism that goes... “The Business That Can Spend The Most To Acquire A Customer... Wins” Kind of counterintuitive, right. After all, most businesses try to spend as little as possible to get new customers. Here's why you should listen to Kennedy... [THREAD]

At the core of Kennedy’s quote there are five important concepts you must understand. #1 It’s not about paying more... it’s about your willingness to pay more to attract the right customer

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What stops business owners from achieving their biggest goals? It's NOT obstacles. Nope. It's getting distracted by... and wasting time on lesser goals.

For most businesses advertising is a mysterious vortex. Money gets pumped in. It swirls down and around and is sucked out of sight. At the end of the year, the biz is left guessing what came from it all. Don't be like them... Do the smart thing: MEASURE you ad results.

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Post order email follow-up sequence for physical products to boost sales EMAIL 1 Thank them for buying (and make a special discount offer just for them) EMAIL 2 Ask for feedback on social talking about why they bought from you and what you'll be solving for them more👇

EMAIL 3 Give them a quick update on the arrival of their order (and suggest they make an unboxing video) EMAIL 4 Provide a quick tutorial on using or caring for their purchase EMAIL 5 Ask for some feedback after they get their purchase ("hit reply and let us know...")

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Money is infinite... There's enough for every single one of us to have as much of it as we need. Time, however, is not infinite. It doesn't matter if you can make all the money in the world... if you run out of time.

Trying to copy what other businesses are doing to make money is the fastest way to go out of business. Instead, invest the time to create your own unique growth strategy.

Most ads ASSUME the reader cares. They assume the reader wants to know more. That the reader wants their product or service. That the reader is ready to buy. And yet... Most readers simply ask themselves... "Why should I care about this?"

How people read ads… What’s in it for me? Will it save me time? Will it make me money? Will it reduce my stress? Will it improve how others think about me? If not, I’m moving on because this ad is wasting my precious time.

Playing small isn't what success stories are built on... Marketers afraid to charge their real value will never break through if they play small.

Don't confuse having an OFFER with having a BUSINESS If you've only got one offer, no matter how good it is today, it can go away... ... and your business will die At some point you'll probably need more offers