Moonshot idea for the next IIW 35



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5 months ago

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🚨 Moonshot idea to get DONE by the NEXT @idworkshop... 🚨 Self-sovereign ID credentials should be used as tickets for the #IIW event in November this year πŸš€ That's 6 months' time. We spend so much time competing with each other, that we sometimes forget to play nice 🀝

Having #SSI credentials as tickets will compel us, the #IIW community, to dogfood our own software and show that private, secure, "interoperable" credentials work. We cannot be preaching SSI as "the solution" to everyone else if we cannot make this simple demonstration work.

I also want to *celebrate* the range and variety of different credential formats, exchange formats, wallet/backend software etc that exists. This is good! It offers users a choice!

Yes, this was done once in a past #IIW, ~3-4 years ago. However, SSI technology has massively evolved since then and the industry landscape is vastly different too. This could even be a recurring thing. Why *not* use IIW as a venue to come together - and test what works!

We don’t need to solve the whole stack of event signup and management: that can still be on Eventbrite (or a similar platform) since it offers payments, email communications etc. But AFTER registration, the confirmation email/PDF/QR could be turned into #SSI credentials.

This also allows a safety net in having Eventbrite available as a fallback, in case something goes wrong. Or for people who might not yet know about or be comfortable with self-sovereign / decentralized identity.

If we succeed, we'll have an AMAZING case study of how self-sovereign identity *works* - across a range of different apps/services. If we don't...well, we learn from it and call a session at the next #IIW to figure out how we make things even better. Let's do this! πŸ’ͺ🏽