-I've worked at big tech social media (@LinkedIn) -I've worked for Web3 social media (@desoprotocol) -I'm an active content creator (50K+ newsletter subs, best-selling author) Here are some thoughts I have for how @elonmusk & team can improve Twitter 🧵

1) Shore up financial foundations: While it was painful, I do think management needed to cut costs, which the layoffs will accomplish. On the revenue generating front, I agree that leaning into Twitter Blue makes sense, but it needs some updates...

2) Update Twitter subscription tiers: LinkedIn has subscription products ranging from $29.99 per month for Premium to thousands of $ per month for products like recruiter. Twitter needs to better define it's audiences and build separate SKUs for each one. For example...

Companies: Want to advertise, build brand and hire. (Will pay thousands of $ per month) Publications: Want to drive subscriptions & impact narrative. (Will pay hundreds of $ per month) Creators/influencers: Want to maximize reach, monetize content (Will pay tens of $ per month)

3) Revamp verification: I agree that verification is broken and it's nice to disrupt the status quo. But there's business potential in playing to people's desire to social signal. Allow anyone to pay for a blue check, but offer a special gold check in the following way...

4) Gold check marks: Limit Gold checks to a hard cap of 10,000 TOTAL. Automatically rotate 1,000 of the gold checks to the largest active accounts every 30 days. This will incentivize the biggest accounts to stay active.

Gold check marks (continued) For the remaining 9,000 gold check marks, sell them as NFTs. People will easily pay $100,000+ for the gold checks. Then charge a royalty for each secondary sale People love scarcity & if somebody wants to financially support Twitter let them signal

5) Win the crypto community: Web3/crypto is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Win the crowd by enabling social tipping in $DOGE, $BTC and other cryptocurrencies

6) Win the creator community: Aside from content creation, release a set of features for creators such as paid private chats, exclusive video content, double down on Newsletters, etc. Make this opt-in for creators.

I know a lot of these ideas are half-baked but just wanted to throw them out there. Curious what people think. This is a valuable platform and I want to see it succeed. cc: @Jason, @DavidSacks, @sriramk for visibility