🔮 Time for my 2023 crypto predictions. Making predictions in such a nascent industry will likely mean a low hit rate. However, here's a thread of my BOLDEST takes 🧵

#1) Web3 Social will have it's moment. -At least 3 projects will have tokens in top 100 by market cap -There will be 1M DAUs across all Web3 social dApps Here's some more insight into why...

Web3 social has gone from a fringe concept to attracting a growing density of top talent Projects like @desoprotocol, @LensProtocol, @farcaster_xyz, @get_zion all have unique angles on different blockchains The likely banning of TikTok will also bring disruption to social media

#2) We will hit this cycle's low around March, before beginning a slow recovery. -Total crypto market cap will hit a low of $600M -By December we will have recovered back to $1 Trillion

To put this prediction into perspective, it's worth looking at recent history: -Crypto total market cap was $828 million at peak of last cycle (Jan 2018) -Crypto total market cap peaked at $2.9 trillion all time Granted these marks came in a low interest rate environment.

#3) NFT adoption increases but not by standard metrics. -Total NFT holders will increase but monthly trading volume won’t surpass $2 billion (half of 2022 peak) all year. -More established companies will begin to roll out their NFT plays.

We're already seeing this trend beginning to play out. The NFT speculation bubble has popped The days of NFT pfp projects or running to a multi-million $ market cap off promises are over In their place we will see companies like @starbucks, @instagram continue to adopt NFTs

#4) Crypto regulation will end up being a nothing burger. -@Ripple wins case or at worst settles -The Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act does not pass -Gary Gensler removed from his position for previous failures

A few of the things that are driving this prediction: -Congress will be split (Republicans will have house) -Politicians interest in crypto will fade during the bear market -Gary Gensler and SEC are going to be in hot water. Will likely be investigated for ties to @FTX_Official

#5) Application-based blockchains become more mainstream. -At least 3 new dApps in the top 50 on @DappRadar will launch their own sovereign layer-1 blockchain.

We already know that @dYdX is launching their own blockchain on @cosmos & @yugalabs has teased their own blockchain I expect other top projects to follow suit. Some likely candidates: @MagicEden, @Uniswap & @GMX_IO Interchain security by Cosmos will make this transition easier

#6) Cross-chain compatibility will become the norm. -All NFT marketplaces in the top 5 will be available on multiple chains -All DEXs in the top 5 will be available on multiple chains -@chainlink CCIP expands to over 50 customers

This is another trend that's already begun to play out: @MagicEden has expanded to @ethereum & @0xPolygon, @KanpaiPandas are on 8 different chains This trend will be accelerated by @cosmos IBC & @chainlink CCIP. In a 🐻 market, top projects need to expand cross-chain or die.

#7) @Apple becomes public enemy #1 of crypto. -Numerous dApps have their releases blocked by Apple. -Apple continues to push anti-crypto rules & not embrace crypto integrations.

In 2023 people will continue to wake up to Apple's anti-competitive practices. Right now, crypto represents one of the biggest threats to their monopoly. They won't go down without a fight. Crypto needs to win the OS-layer. Projects like @urbit & @solana phone will be important

These are my top crypto predictions for 2023. Let me know what you think in the comments! Also, I will be publishing a longer breakdown in my FREE crypto newsletter @web3pills 👇 www.web3pills.com