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4 months ago


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You can't make great decisions close-minded. The best decisions often require different perspectives. Here are the 6 Thinking Hats and how to use them:

When making a decision, you go down 2 routes: 1. Wear a single Thinking Hat. 2. Overwhelm yourself and make a rushed decision. Now, let’s learn about the 6 Thinking Hats to make more rational decisions:

1. Yellow Hat — Optimism People say: "Be positive". In this case, you have to. See the benefits and opportunities of making the decision.

2. Green Hat — Creativity This is where you let your mind wander. Let it come up with random scenarios. First Principles Thinking can help you generate fundamental ideas. More on this here: https://twitter.com/aaditsh/status/1530916011934883841

3. Red Hat — Emotion Emotions are a big part of making decisions. Some people are naturally more emotional than others. Use your intuition to better understand how you will feel. Without the Red Hat, the 5 Thinking Hats framework seems very objective.

4. White Hat — Logic I'm very data-driven. I love numbers. I want all the data about businesses. Revenues, percentages, users etc. The White Hat relies on your ability to analyze data to spot trends in decision-making.

5. Black Hat — Caution If you look at the positives, you must also look at the worst-case scenarios. The Black Hat = a defensive approach. Yellow Hat = an offensive approach.

6. Blue Hat — Control This is the Hat to where for management and organization Think of this as being cool in a situation and slowly moving it forward. You are in control.

Those are the 6 Thinking Hats (by Edward de Bono) The next time you have to make an important decision, think of this framework. It'll help you tackle the problem more rationally. And help a friend with their decisions by retweeting this: https://twitter.com/aaditsh/status/1536351373473849351

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