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7 months ago


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Here's are actionable keyword research tips using @ahrefs that I've used to find great opportunities, identify underserved niches & scale search traffic w/ mostly high-quality content. Many asked, so here it is! A thread 🧵 .

1. Simple hack to find permutations around core topics Keywords explorer>While on the empty editor, hit Enter > Filter by core kws & other stuff Shave off hours of kw research by doing this. Funnily enough, it's a feature many users & SEO's don't even know about 🙃 .

2. Forums usually have thin content that's easy to overtake w/o links. Go thru Quora's & Reddit's kws in the top 10 results Enter URL in Site Explorer > Organic keywords > Filter to positions 1-10; by relevant kws We've helped @philostar rank articles in under a day w/ this

3. Early on in your SEO journey? Use #1. hack and filter KD <15; vol. >500; enter core kw. Prio ranking for these kws to boost chances of ranking fast. We've scaled @mentorcruise blog to 1.5 million search visits in under a year primarily using this tactic ;).

4. Wanna rank old content in under a day thru a content update? Identify pages where you rank on the 2nd page for high-vol queries. Add 500-1000 new words. Enter your URL in Site Explorer > Organic keywords > Filt. post 11-20 & vol. by >200. Here's an example using @ahrefs

5. Want to find topics for your blog? Do #1 > Filter by core kw > SERP features incl ft. snippets. Most ft snipps are paragraphs that you can target to get search traffic 🚀 .

6. Competitive KW research is all abt finding kw your competitors rank for. Enter URL > Competing Domains > Content gap - Enter top 10 competitors > Use Filter tool Extremely useful for basic kw research. IDK why @ahrefs doesn't allow saving the kw in lists through this, tho.

7. Want to 10x your search traffic for your pages on the first page of the SERPs? Enter URL > Org KW. > Filter pos. 2-10, SERP Features “Where target doesn’t rank” & tick “All Features” > Vol > Optimise content for elements Ex. using @sejournal

8. Want to systemise a process to rank for ft. snippets with your first-page content & rank under a week? Enter URL > Org. KW. > SERP Features “Where target doesn’t rank” & Select “featured snippets” > Optimise. Example using @levelsfyi

9. Want to spot underserved niches? Enter kws in kw explorer > Matching terms > Include: best, review, alternative > Filter <15KD > Sort by vol. Boom! Tons of low-compet, high-vol queries. Ex. using kws "weed, CBD, oil"

10. Want to save your kw research process w/ the filters and all? Bookmark your Ahrefs link 😅 . Stupid simple tactic that saved me a ton of headaches.

Thanks for reading 😄 . If some of the tips flew over your head, then bookmark & read for later. If you found these helpful, follow me to get more tips around SEO-led growth. Thanks <3.