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People like how "peace" sounds. It's a platitude. Here's why. Russia has chosen to deny us peace. That doesn't mean anyone wants war. No one wished for Russia to invade. https://twitter.com/Info_Rosalie/status/1577683484335906817?s=20

Everyone wants Russia to go home. Russia could do so right now. Russia could end the war at any moment. It has the power to bring peace.

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Images of Russian terrorism in Ukraine

A few images of Russian terrorism in Ukraine. This is Bahkmut.

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An update on disinformation related to Ukraine

Here is a rundown of Ukraine related disinformation, updates, and news. First the update and then the disinformation, followed by news.

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Pro-Kremlin websites spread vaccine disinformation, and anti-vax websites spread disinformation about Ukraine.

Pro-Kremlin websites spread vaccine disinformation and antivax websites spread disinformation about Ukraine.

Most of the pro-Kremlin sites Hoaxlines monitors also publish antivax content. Antivax content is a gateway drug to the Kremlin’s alternate reality.

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Brace yourselves. QAnon is coming and we are ill-prepared to deal with it.

Extremist researchers, law enforcement, community leaders, legal experts, and media, please prepare a worst-case scenario with QAnon being re-platformed. Do not underestimate the potential threat. Some groups consume content straight from foreign states and conspiracy theorists.

QAnon is a threat on its own, but the risk of outside manipulation may be greater than before. QAnon appears to radicalize people faster than other ideologies, and it also appears to increase the likelihood of violence more than other conspiracy theories. https://twitter.com/NovelSci/status/1525611935076601856?s=20&t=MosrGDwqdJsk9By7mMiBIA

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Are you an honest doctor confused about why your patients prefer the latest vaccine "expert"?

🧵Are you an honest doctor who can't understand why your patients prefer the latest vaccine "expert"? We at Hoaxlines took that question and scienced it up in some science lab. We can now reveal the techniques a failed-rapper-turned-vaccine "expert" uses to appear credible.

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How targeting inconvenient persons can effectively censor without negative consequences for leaders

🧵Targeting of specific journalists and scientists appears coordinated and intentional in some instances. I can think of at least two cases where the synchronization of influencer comments, hashtags, content mills, and coverage on an outlet like Fox led to threats to life. https://twitter.com/oneunderscore__/status/1595046538098708480

The strategy also seems to be increasing in frequency. Here's what people need to understand about this. It is not the same as bullying or even having an online stalker. This is a systematic, tailored weapon designed to produce self-censorship.

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Orbán is not an ally, and he does not hide it. Make him choose.

🧵 EU should not give Hungary funds to deal with its impending economic crisis so long as it is working as a lobbyist for Russia. If they want Russia, then that is who Hungary should call for aid. Wishy-washy, kid-glove policies in the US, EU, and NATO are why we are here.

To change things, we cannot stay the same. Hungary is on the verge of economic crisis. Orbán's key source of funding will be the European Union. Orbán is not an ally, and he does not hide it. Make him choose. Leave people free choice. If HU wants Russia, don't stand in the way.

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Timeline of Putin's approval and aggression abroad

Hoaxlines data analysis of Putin's approval rating alongside Russian aggression abroad affirms what other research has found. Putin's aggression abroad often reduces disapproval ratings and boosts approval ratings. https://hoaxlines.org/putins-approval-and-aggression-abroad

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Honest leaders can improve the public’s resistance to disinformation and conspiracy theories

By being honest, leaders can improve the public’s resistance to disinformation and conspiracy theories. Uncertainty can make us act like rats on meth. No, really. It's not hyperbole. Leaving us in the dark affects how we think and behave for the worse. https://open.substack.com/pub/novelscience/p/by-being-honest-leaders-can-improve

A 2020 study at Yale found that our response to uncertainty can sometimes look like the behavior of laboratory rats that chronically use methamphetamines.

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