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Console is a "crypto-native platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum & other crypto communities to focus & take action." They are trying to provide crypto communities a web3 focused platform alternative to Discord/Telegram/Slack etc.

🔑 Key takeaways: Castig was a music major in college, but he went ahead and taught himself coding. When he saw the potential of p2p technology when he was discussing Bitcoin back in 2013.

Console is web3 chat, meaning it has a degree of decentralization, shared ownership, and overall openness. They found Discord to be a bit closed for their ideal of creating a platform where people can take ownership of their online identity.

The U.S. funded the internet in hopes of creating a resilient network in case of a nuclear strike. This same model is being utilized in the inception of peer-to-peer technologies. Resilience is how Castig defines decentralization.

The process of becoming a member of a community in Console is very similar to Discord. Console is a wallet only platform, no email and password.

Console is building a platform that is very similar to the workflow on Slack. If you are trying to coordinate, it does not help to have outside individuals in the room.

One issue DAOs are having is that people can drop off after entering a Discord and being overwhelmed. Console is hoping to be the platform solution to these issues.

Castig is also incredibly concerned regarding the security breaches occurring on Discord. There are too many non web3 or web3 phishers taking advantage of Discord's oppenness.

Currently, the Console infrastructure is centralized, but as they grow they will start to reimagine how they decentralize their stack. Starting with UX has been their main focus.

Console is currently live for two different communities. If you have a community and would like to be considered, they have an open community.

It is such early days, they are unconcerned being "beat" by anyone else in the space. They ultimately are waiting to see what happens with who wins the crypto adoption race.

Learn more about Console: https://www.console.xyz/

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